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2010-08-07 22:50:29 by Norilla

Hallo fellow humans. I'm am Norillaz. Right now I'm trying to get some of my beloved art work on here, but unable to due to the fact that my computer is a peice of crap. For now I'll just see what people on here have ruined. I been enjoying some of the music here, though when I get hardware to make games, some of them would help me make some killer games. Lucky for me, I could get the profile avatar on here (with 6 tries). And if your going to comemet on my complants, you got nothing better to do (pluse what this computer does to me pisses me off alot, to were I get to the point were I feel like blowing this crap up.) I'll try to keep to guys updated.


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2010-08-08 10:10:02



2011-02-04 18:29:58

I don't want to sound like a dick, but.. your current art isn't very good, I'm sure you have the potential to kick up some good art. My major flaw is my patience, Much of my art was done in a hurry, and it of course makes it less detailed. Art on, hope to see some really good progress from you!